Booking Form T&C's

All items are on a 1 day hire basis and include set-up by us &/or our team (excl dry hire items), unless otherwise agreed in writing.  Hire starts from delivery & ends on collection/return of goods. All hired items should be left in a single safe location for collection the day following the event. Whilst we will do our best to accommodate an earlier set up (i.e. day before) this cannot be guaranteed & is subject to availability & access times to other hotels. We will not be held responsible for any delays resulting from delayed/changed venue access times &/or other delays or restrictions that consequently affect our setup/completion times & therefore no recompense would be issued in this event. The company will liaise with your venue regarding set-up/collection times etc. If we arrive at a venue to dress the venues tables or chairs & they are not set-up, we will not be responsible for any services we cannot complete as a result of the delay. In addition, we may levy a charge if we consequently have to set them up ourselves &/or run late as a result of this. Further we take no responsibility for the safety of tables, chairs & other equipment. The client should inform the company of any obstacles i.e. stairs that could delay setting up of the equipment. Collections will be made the day after your event or as agreed by ourselves & the venue. If an ‘out of hours collection’ is required by your venue i.e end midnight you must inform us no later than 2 wks before your event. This service will require a fee of two hundred pounds to be paid before or after your event if not paid before.

Full hire specifications are required no later than 4 weeks before the hire date. Minor changes may be possible but may incur a fee. In the event changes are made following completion of this form &/or monies paid, the last written confirmation of services booked from the company (i.e. via email) act as confirmation of services being provided. We cannot be held responsible for any items not hired directly from ourselves & for any damages that may occur having to handle these items when setting up our services. Any additional items/services provided on the day will be subject to payment & invoice following the event.

The client will be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage to any company equipment which has been caused by anyone other than members of the company. It is solely the responsibility of the client to ensure the venue has sufficient security for the equipment. Replacement fees will be made for all items hired or loaned that are missing, damaged or heavily soiled (including linen) & unable to be cleaned satisfactorily & therefore considered un-usable by the company. A deep clean fee may be payable for persistent stains along with a labour fee for time. It is a condition of hire that the customers are to arrange for their own insurance cover to provide for the risks of; Theft, Fire, Accidental Damage, Loss, Personal Injury & Public Liability & in addition the client will indemnify the Company against any & all claims for the said risks. Following payment of your balance & no later than 2 weeks before your event, a damage deposit via bank transfer to cover possible damages will be taken along with a delivery/collection charge for venues beyond our free of charge area 10 miles from RG22 5JQ charged at 0.45p/mile. Damage deposits will be returned following your event within 30 days, minus deductions for damages, where necessary.  Example replacements costs: Chair covers £10 each, Sashes £3 each, Tablecloths £30, Diamante Buckles £4 each & Feathers £4 each. All replacement charges will be subject to vat, delivery, collection & labour costs at the company’s discretion. If these fees remain unpaid we reserve the right to withhold service/s to that value which will then become forfeit & non-refundable or following the event an invoice will be sent for settlement of damages/loss.

Unless agreed in writing beforehand, chairs, chair covers, aisle runners & all other equipment must not be used outdoors.  If agreed for outdoor use, it should be protected from the weather & the ground must not be damp/wet.  Should it rain after set up of any of our equipment outdoors, it must be moved indoors immediately.  In the event the hired items get wet, you will be subject to cleaning charges &/or replacement costs as deemed appropriate by the company.  Fresh flowers are strictly prohibited on the aisle runner due to staining. The use of artificial petals in dry conditions is an acceptable alternative. 

Chairs must not be used outside without our written permission first & only then if the chair legs are protected against contact with the ground & the ground is dry & it’s not raining/snowing. Chairs must NOT be stacked & dragged along the floor as this will cause breakages. It is your responsibility to ensure the hotel staff are aware of this & that they take care of the chairs as follows: 1)  Seat pads must be removed  2) Chairs must stacked in 6’s (Only)  3)  Chairs must notbe stacked & dragged across floor  4)  Chairs should be left in a secure location ready for collection by the company. Failure to follow these points may result in damages & consequently invoiced to you following pick up. In addition, Chairs, Tables, Cutlery, Crockery, Glassware, Table Linen & Napkins are provided on a dry hire basis & are not set up by us & (excluding linen) must be rinsed clean of food before return to the company. If a cleaning fee has not been paid all items must be returned in clean & useable condition. All dry hire items are subject to all other relevant conditions in this contract as deemed fit by the company. 

Tables must be dismantled & laid flat on top of each other ready for collection. Delivery & collection of furniture i.e. chairs, tables is usually the day of the event with collection on the Monday. If you require weekend delivery or collection please contact us as weekend collection may incur an additional collection fee.

Metallic confetti & drinks are not permitted on the dancefloor under any circumstances as liquid on the floor could cause the dancefloor to spark. Consequently, the dancefloor will need to be turned off & the remainder of the hire period forfeit without recompense. We may levy a cleaning charge for spillages. You will be held solely responsible for any damages caused to the dancefloor, the venue, your guests & anyone/anything else.

Naked flames must not be used on or near any of our equipment without the express permission of the company in writing first & is strictly prohibited when hiring feathers or ceiling drapes. Where candles have been provided on a decorative basis alongside draping, this does not constitute our agreement to them being lit.  Where the use of naked flames has been agreed by the company, we cannot accept any responsibility for any damage caused by candles or tea-lights when in the client’s possession. The company strongly recommends that all candles & tea-lights remain in their Tea light holders / vases or candelabras whilst lit & that no naked flames should be used anywhere near non fire-resistant surfaces i.e. backdrops, drapes, linen, table skirts, chair covers, sashes or any other flammable products or material/s etc. In the event wax is spilt & we may issue a cleaning charge & if it cannot be removed the replacement cost of that item will be charged.  In addition, please remember that balloons are inflated with helium gas - for the safety & wellbeing of your guests, we strongly advise that gas is not inhaled directly or used near naked flames.  The company cannot be held responsible for the national helium gas shortage & will endeavour to find suitable alternatives where possible should helium gas not be available for your event.

A copy of this booking form / terms & conditions will be sent to you electronically.  You should return the booking form along with your deposit (if not already paid) within the relevant time period. If the client/you fail to sign or return a hard copy of this document following payment of a deposit, they thereby accept that they are bound by all the terms & conditions contained within it the same as if they had returned the hard copy itself.   Payment of a deposit and/or balance is acceptance of your booking & all conditions within this document. If any deposits, fees, cancellation fees, loss/damage fees or balances are not received by the due dates (as agreed with the company) a charge of up to £20/per day may be charged, at the company’s discretion. Until payment is received by the company the booking is not confirmed. In the case of amended orders & non-return/receipt of the updated order forms, the last email as confirmed by the company via an email entitled ‘Updated Confirmation of order’ will be taken as the final details of your order.  It is solely the responsibility of the client to ensure that they complete & return their booking forms & where applicable note any changes & that we confirm in writing those changes back to you. Balances are due no later than 8wks before your event.  It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that payments are made on time before the cut-off dates given & any changes are confirmed by the company.  No unauthorised changes to this contract will be valid unless specifically agreed in writing by the company

In the event the client cancels the hired service/s or equipment for any reason between initial booking & the 120 day period preceding their event date the cancellation fee of 50% per hired service (MINUS any deposits paid) is payable within 5 working days, (e.g. Hire fee is £100 x 50% = £50 minus deposit of £40 paid, equals £10 cancellation fee due). In the event the client cancels the hired service/s or equipment for any reason between the 120 day period & the 90 day period preceding their event date the cancellation fee of 75% of the hire fee will be payable, within 5 working days. (E.g. Hire fee is £100 x 75% = £75, minus deposit of £50 deposit paid, equals £25 cancellation fee due). If the client cancels a hired service/s or equipment or their entire booking within the 90 days preceding their event any balance on the account will be payable immediately & no refunds will be given. All cancellation fees are subject to additional late payment fees. In the event recompense is issued for any reason, it will be subject to the deduction of all loyalty discounts/package discounts awarded. The company reserve the right to withdraw all loyalty discounts awarded for the clients entire order if the client cancels any hired services/goods or part thereof. The company reserve the right to pursue a legal claim for any fees not been paid by client by taking action through appropriate authorities & legal representation.

In the event the company cancel the event or services in part or whole, all advance payments for the cancelled service, minus loyalty discounts, will be repaid; unless the cancellation is the fault of the client not meeting the terms & conditions laid down in this form or eventualities in section fifteen.                                                                                                                                                               

The company retain the right to substitute hireable items not available due to stock levels/damages, i.e. a closed rose bud may be substituted for an opened rose, although every effort will be made to match as closely to original specifications when possible. The company owns all their equipment; however, in the rare case our equipment is faulty/damaged prior to your event, the company retain the right to sub-hire a replacement service, without recompense. Every effort will be made to match as closely to original specifications where possible, nonetheless, the company will not be held liable for variances between the said services or goods.  If any changes are required, we will attempt to contact you via email/telephone as deemed appropriate by us.

A delivery note can be requested prior to the event in writing by the client detailing items included in the hired services in which case the client should make arrangements for a representative to be present on delivery/completion of set-up to sign for the items (not hotel staff).  If this is not possible, the delivery note will be left in a safe place or given to a member of the staff at the venue for you to collect.  If the client wishes to check the equipment for damages or loss before the company collects the hired items, this must be carried out immediately following the end of the event, before collection by the company.  All items must be left in a single safe locked location for collection by the company immediately following the event. If the client does not require an equipment check before collection they are thereby deemed to have automatically agreed to the company carrying out this service on return/collection of the goods & any damages/loss will be invoiced or taken from the damage deposit.  Every effort will be made to clean; launder & stain treat any soiled items before charges are made.

The company will not be liable for any breaches of byelaws, or conditions under which the venue is hired, leased or entrusted to the client. The client will ensure that the appropriate licenses (as required by law), are in force at the venue at the time of the function & therefore the company cannot be liable in any way. It is solely the responsibility of the client to ensure the venue complies with all license & Health & Safety issues.  The company will not be held liable for the health, safety & welfare of the hirer, their guests or anyone else present during the hire period for anyone using the company equipment.  It is solely the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that adequate health, safety & adult supervision is provided at all times to anyone using our equipment. 

Although extremely rare, the company cannot be held responsible for: 1) ‘acts of God’, adverse weather conditions (i.e. extremely deep snow), earthquakes, floods, blocked roads, electrical failures, accidents, equipment failures, delayed venue access times or any other situations out of the company’s control that may prevent, affect, delay, postpone or withdraw, all/part of the company’s services, however, every effort will be made to continue or resolve this.  In the event of bad weather every effort will be made to get there within the agreed timescales (We have always managed to get to our venues despite heavy snow!) & 2) turning up to the venue to find out the event has been cancelled.  In any/either circumstances this will result in forfeit of services &/or monies paid.

As part of our service we sometimes take pictures & video clips during the event which may be used for our marketing purposes. By signing this agreement you agree to our company using any video/photo footage we take for this purpose.  All client names, addresses & personal details will be protected.

The company will not be held responsible for any damages made to the venue or its property that may have been caused by the company or its hire items/equipment, the client or guests of the client, this responsibility is that of the client & or signee of this document.

All agreements of the hire booking itself are found within this contract. This contract is legally binding & by signing this contract &/or paying a deposit you agree to pay the fees as detailed within this document & you agree to adhere to all conditions contained within this document & contract.

The company holds £5million public liability insurance. Copies are available to be emailed to your hotel/venue 1 week before your event. In addition, our electrical items are PAT tested; we also hold a Pro-dub license, our staff are trained to Level 2 Food Hygiene Certification & we hold a 5* Food Hygiene Award.