Ceiling Drapes & Ceiling Lighting

Within Basingstoke, Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey & The South of England

Cluster Ceiling Lights & Drapes to Pennyhill Park Hotel

This type of ceiling draping along with the ceiling lights will compliment any room.  


Ceiling Drapes & Beam Lighting to Bourne Valley Inn

Ceiling Drapes to Cain Manor


These ceiling drapes at Cain Manor add an amazing effect to any room.  

Wall Drapes & Ceiling Drapes to Warbrook House, Eversley

As you can see the ceiling drapes and wall drapes at Warbrook House, Eversley, make a huge difference to the overall look of the room, adding light, covering unsightly walls and creating the perfect wedding atmosphere.  These roof light ceiling drapes work perfectly in Warbrook House and soften the look of the room. Ceiling drapes are available with or without a chandelier hanging from the centre. Wall draping is available to cover all the walls with or without twinkly lights and is non-seethrough (unlike other competitors draping).

Ceiling draping is a great way to disguise a horrible ceiling, ceiling tiles or peeling chipped paint and are available in different sizes - 4 swags, 5 swags, 6 swags or 8 swags, the design will be dependent upon the area required.  We can add lights to these swags to create a magical fairy light drape canopy which would be stunning in any venue.

Bonham Barn Ceiling Draping Rafter Drapes

As you can see, the addition of the ceiling draping on the rafters add a softness to the room and finishes it all off.

Ceiling Draping to Warbrook House Skylights

As you can see adding ceiling draping to the skylights in the roof of Warbrook House really softens that area and adds a beautiful touch to the room.  Unlike other drapes we have seen here ours are much wider and give a more comprensive covering of the unsightly roof area.  A chandelier can be added to the centre if required.  For the wall draping please follow our link to our wall draping page here.

Pillar Beam Draping & Lights to Marwell Hotel, Winchester

These unsightly beams in the room look amazing when they are dressed with fabric.  Add fairy lighting and you have a lovely looking wedding reception room which comes into its own during the evening.  As an alternative to the above we can also provide more draping to the corners of the room giving a total of 6-8 drapes around the room.  Please ask for details.

We can provide over 100 meters of draping and lighting to your venue, whether that is on the ceiling or walls or both! Call us now and we will meet you at your venue to measure up and give you a no-obligation quotation.


Ceiling Beam Lighting at The Lainston House in Winchester

Our professional fairy lighting for ceilings is avaialble in both warm white as pictured above & provided for in The Lainston House in Winchester or in bright white shades.  Both have their place in differing venues where places like a barn or old manor house suit warm white ceiling lights and the bright white ceiling lights are more suited to village halls and some hotels.

Fairy Lighting to beams at Great Fosters Hotel, Egham, Surrey

This warm white fairy lighting in Great Fosters Hotel, Egham works perfectly along the edge of the room.  Great Fosters Hotel is a stunning venue and warm white lighting enhances the beauty of the barn further.  We are based in Basingstoke, Hampshire but cover the south of England.  Call us for a no-obligation quotation within Basingstoke, Hampshire or anywhere within the Souith of England.

Ceiling Lights at Lillibrooke Manor, Maidenhead

Lillibrook Manor Barn in Maidenhead is perfectly suited to ceiling drapes and lights.  On this occasion we did bright white fairy lighting but warm white fairy lighting would create a softer look for a barn.

Waterfall Lighting

Waterfall lighting looks amazing to jazz up a balcony as shown here or added to the walls in a dark wood based room.  They come in various lengths so you can have shorter than this if required.  Also available in bright white.