Luxurious Wilton Carpet Aisle Runners, Wedding Aisle Runners

With a width of almost 4' wide this runner is wider than the normal size hired by other companies meaning there will be room for both the bride & the groom/father!!  Carpet aisle runners are a beautiful way to dress your ceremony room, church aisle or entrance to hotel.  


Our runners are not cheap immitation plastic backed copies often seen looking as if it has ripples or creases in it.  Our runners are made by Wilton which are the top makers of carpets!  We have two carpet aisle runners available for hire, one in cream/white aisle runner and one in Red aisle runner, as shown.  We can enhance your walkway even further by adding rose petals, confetti, lanterns or hurrican lamps.

We only stock premium quality carpet aisle runners made from high quality materials and our luxury carpet runners have been fully backed, bound and have whipped edges.  Consequently they not only look beautiful they feel luxurious underfoot.

Audleys Wood Hotel, Aisle Runner, Chair Covers, Hurricane Lanterns etc