Floor Lanterns & Table Lanterns

We have a wide range of floor lanterns and table lanterns that can be used as gorgeous centerpieces and which look particularly good when you combine 3 different sizes you could even add flowers to the inside of the table lanterns.  Use the floor lanterns to line the aisle walkway or to light up a lawn/garden area.

Rose Gold Lanterns - Large

Our Rose Gold Lanterns ar 14" tall and are extremely popular at the moment, lending themselves perfectly to blush, pink or peach colour schemes.

White Lanterns - Small

These beautiful ornate white table lanterns are the perfect size for your top table or used in conjunction with taller lanterns to create a table display.  Size: 10" tall


Silver Lanterns - Large

Our silver lanterns stand at between 10" tall and 12" tall depending on design chosen.


Moroccan Lantern

As you can see from the above picture, these moroccan lanterns are truly beautiful.  They catch the light perfectly and light up the traditional colours of the lantern.  These are large and so can be used on a table or along the walkway. Size 19" tall.

Oriental Style Lanterns

This oriental style lantern is approx 13 1/2" tall and would be perfect to be used along the wedding aisle or walkway or as a centrepiece.

Shabby Chic Style Cream Lantern

This shabby chic style lantern stands 18" tall and so is perfect for either the wedding aisle or as a table decoration.

Small Cream Cube Lantern

This gorgeous little cube lantern is just 6" tall and is perfect for the top table or window ledges.

Beach Style Hanging Lantern - Small

These cute little hanging beach style lanterns are really pretty on their own or as part of a beach themed table decoration as shown below. Size: 9" tall.