Uplighters / Mood Lighting Hire

Our uplighters are Professional grade LED which means there is no danger of them getting hot and scolding inquisitive children!  Furthermore,  they add an amazing effect to any room, turning a room into a warm and inviting, colour co-ordinated space.  They can be used set to a colour of your choice, different colours or they can fade or jump from one colour to another.

In addition, our lights can be linked together to create a colour wash/change effect throughout the room, left to randomise and change colour periodically or static where they stay on one colour.

For ceiling fairy light canopy please click here.

Black LED Starcloth

Our black led starcloths look stunning with its white twinkly lights and really sets the scene for your disco area.  Used the starcloth alone behind the DJ/Band or to create a wall of twinkle lights in your disco area these black starcloths are a stunning addition to any event.