Ice Cream Trike

Ice Cream Trike / Bike Hire

Our beautiful retro style ice cream tricycle is available for any occasion, whether it’s a wedding, party, prom or corporate event and can be decorated with sash bows to match your colour scheme, bunting or rose garlands.

The bike can be used outdoors or indoors and it comes dressed to match your colour scheme with either sash bows, rose garlands or bunting.  It also makes a great fun photo opportunity for the bride & groom to have their picture taken sitting on the bike or serving one another!

Excellent for use after the ceremony when you are hanging around waiting for the wedding breakfast or used as an evening treat when your evening guests arrive. Hire is of course also available at other times.



About the Bike Hire


Our Ice cream tricycle hire includes:

  •         Ice cream cart trike / bike / tricycle
  •         Umbrella, sash bows, garlands or other decoration
  •         Menu Board
  •         2 hours attendance - day or night (additional hours are available) 
  •         1 - 2 experienced servers
  •         Cute Ice Cream Tubs in modern or vintage design, Cute Spoons (as appropriate) or cones if preferred
  •         Ice Cream, Frozen Yoghurts, Sorbets, Fruit lollies - as selected

About the Ice Cream

  •          Made with locally sourced natural ingredients

  •          Delicious natural tasting ice cream

  •          Gluten Free Ice Cream

  •          10% of profit manufacturers make on ice cream sales is donated to local charties


We will bring enough ice cream for all guests plus extra for those who are extra hungry and want seconds!

Ice Cream Frozen Yoghurts Sorbets
Original Original Lemon Crush
Milk Passion Fruit                Mango Crush
Very Vanilla   Raspberry Crush
Double Chocolate           Blackcurrant Crush*
Strawberry Tease   Blood Orange Crush
Honeycomb   Coconut Sorbet
Ginger Spice *   Apple
Salted Caramel   Strawberry Sorbet
Chocolate & Sea Salt     Peach Sorbet
Cinnamon Spice    
Clotted Cream    
Peanut Butter    
Rum & Raisin *    
Ginger Spice    
Caramel Pecan    
Mint Choc Chip    
Raspberry Ripple    












Please note:  Our bike is very big and very heavy and therefore access must be good for positioning the bike.  If there are stairs or a lift is not available you must inform us prior to booking in writing, otherwise we will take it that access is good.  We cannot be held responsible for bad access and therefore having to position our bike somewhere else.  If in doubt please check with us.
'Just wanted to say a huge thank you for being there on our special day.  Dave's gutted he didn't get a chance to have any ice cream but I really enjoyed mine!! 
Many guests commented on how great it was and more than a few went back for seconds!!  You certainly added to the overall effect of the day and helped to make it so memorable.
Thank you again,'
Michelle and Dave