Candy Floss

Candy Floss Machines - New Service!

Our candy floss machine is a professional commercial sized machine which is capable to producing candy floss in large quantities as is required when catering for large numbers at a time such as at a wedding.  Beware of some other suppliers small machines which will not produce big enough quantities to do this!

Freshly made Candy Floss is a lovely addition to any wedding and can also be used for your favours!  Available in various colours and flavours you can choose a colour to match your colour scheme on the day.  Also available for parties, proms and fairground events etc.


We always provide an operator with our candy floss machines and we strictly advise against doing it yourself due to the risk of burns and injury from flying sticks as well as the health and safety risks. Unless you are trained to do this properly you will not retrieve adequate candy floss for your guests and won't be covered by insurance should one of your guests get burned or injured!!  Making candy floss is not easy and we always advise you book a trained operator for this machine. We NEVER provide this machine without a skilled trained operator for your peace of mind!