Crystals, Confetti & Petals

Once you have chosen your colour scheme, chair covers & table linen your attention will most probably turn to your centerpieces and table decorations.  We have a huge selection of table decorations available to buy in our online shop or directly with us when placing your order, that will enhance your table centrepieces and add some sparkle or colour to your tables.

Table Crystals


A brand new product - These table crystals contain 3 sizes (5mm, 10mm & 12mm) of crystals per pack.  Each box contains approximately 300-350 crystals and will cover approximately 3-4 tables.  Available in 9 colours including Lilac, Hot Pink, Pale Pink, Gold, Clear, Turquoise Blue, Cadbury Purple, Red & Black.  
Price - £9.79 per pack

Dew Drops


Acryllic dew drops are a lovely alternative to our table crystals and are available in a large range of colours.  We sell packs in either 100g or 200g packs. A 100g pack would be adequate for around  5-6 tables and the 200g pack would cover around 11-12 tables.  

Price - £  6.00 100g  or  Price - £10.99 200g

Artificial Rose Petals


Available in various colours.  Each box contains approximately 164 petals and will be sufficient for 4-5 tables

Price - £4.50 per box

Natural Preserved Rose Petals


Natural rose petals which have been preserved with a glycerine based solution and natural food dyes.  The preservation process stabalises the colour and leaves the petals looking as fresh as the day they were plucked from the rose - unlike a fresh petal, however, they willnot wilt, fade or die.  Preserved petals are ideal for table decoration, but they must not be exposded to water as they may, like fresh petals, shed some of their colour.

These rose petals will last for around 3-4 months if not longer. Box size 18x18x6.5 cm]. Volume=2 Litres. This is enough for scattering on 3 to 4 tables [seating 8 guests] or will give 8 to 10 handfuls/confetti cones.

Price - £14.99

Metallic Table Confetti

Metallic table confetti is available in a wide variety of colours and styles including Hearts, Hollow Hearts, bride/groom, butterflies, 'just married' etc.  Please see our online shop page for more details, prices and pictures.

Price £1.49 per pack

Butterfly Scatter Crystals

A brand new product - These beautiful crystal butterfly motifs are a must for any butterfly fan!

Price - £8.99

Extra Large Clip-on Glitter Butterflies

Available in: Irridescent, Green, Pink or Cadbury Purple.  Size Approx. 14cm x 16.5cm.

Price - £2.00