Cube Vase Centrepieces

Top Table / Single Cube Vases


These cube vases are perfect for the top table.  Combine them with coloured roses or a coloured ribbon and they will sit perfectly on your top table without obstructing the view!  Also great for bar areas or small poseur tables.  These also look stunning with an led light inside (in your choice of colour).

Fresh Flower Cube Vases

As shown below these vases are great with fresh flowers too.  We can provide the vase itself on its own for your florist to fill or we can provide you with the flowers inside as shown below.

Trio LED Crystal Gel Vase Centrepiece


This centrepiece is perfect for a 5' or 6' round guest table.  It can be provided with a square or round mirror and comes with your choice of flower, coloured light and tealight holders.